Zoot Suit (2002)

Year: 2002
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group Sex, Suits, Costume, Prison, Sailors, Interracial, Latino
Duration: 01:45:52
Director: Rafael
Studio: All World Video
Cast: Aries , Danny , Marcos , Diego Alvarez, Tony Alvarez, Hunter Daniels, Brett DiMineo, Dick James, Danny Lopez, Tino Lopez

A look at the hot action among those guys in Zoot Suits–the baggy garb that symbolized the rebelliousness and vitality of a generation of Mexican American youth in the 1940’s.
The action begins with the sexy and big dicked, DICK JAMES, checking himself out in the mirror. As he gets ready to hang with his buddies, All Worlds exclusive, TINO LOPEZ, comes a knocking and Dick tells him that he looks too gringo. Tino has just the ticket and presents him with a snappy new suit. Tino gives Dick a switchblade, in which Dick says he’s into making love-not war. He kisses Tino and he goes down and takes Tino’s pinga out of his pants and sucks on the uncut man meat. Dick strokes himself as he sucks lovingly on Tino’s pee-pee. Tino returns the favor and chows down on Dick’s, dick. Dick leans over the bed and Tino slam dances his ass doggy style at first, then gets him on his back with his legs wide apart for Tino to penetrate deeper. The two dump their loads.
Back in a jail cell, two Zooter’s and a sailor are fighting behind the bars. ARIES and DANNY LOPEZ pick on BRETT DIMINEO. Brett and Aries then decide that they are going to teach Danny some manners by sticking their big, fat dicks in his mouth to shut him up. He sucks both of the fat heads at once. Our sailor then goes down and works both of the Zoot Suits uncut cocks with his eager, wet mouth. Danny then gets Brett’s big dick up his ass while he continues to mouth worship Aries’s man log. Then our hungry, Latin bottom sits on his pal’s big pecker and goes for a ride. Brett sucks off the bottom as he gets it stuffed up his ass. The three then lye side by side and jerk their joints to a climax.
A vintage car pulls into a garage where Dick James, TONY ALVAREZ and DANNY hop on out. Dick tells the guys he’s joined the Navy and to take car of his car. As Tony and Danny wash the mobile, they playfully get soaking wet. Danny sees Tony’s really big cock and goes down it as he strokes his dick. Tony then works Danny’s pecker and slurps it down. Tony then lies on the floor and Danny sits on top and he gets a fierce butt fucking. Danny then leans over some barrels and Tony keep the pounding going until the two men pop a nut.
The action then cuts to the local bar and CANDY FRANCEA is tending bar. In walks HUNTER DANIELS, who tells Candy that he is now the leader of the gang. Soon enough in come Brett, Diego and Marcos. The men stand off, but this time, it’s not with switchblades, but with fat cocks. The four men stand around jerking their joints before someone falls to his knees and sucks away. The sexy four-way has Brett, Hunter topping Marcos and Diego. The guys fuck and suck and utilize each other’s body parts to the fullest. Sexy, spicy Latin fuck flick that you’ll won’t want to miss!

Format: AVI
Video: 512×368, 25fps, 815 kbps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~96.00 kbps avg

File size: 690.1 MB

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