Bullet videopac 06 – Bullet Productions

Bullet videopac 06 – Bullet Productions
Running time: 57 min. 1983

Cast: Nick, Bruno, Eric Ryan, Will Seagers, Joey DaSilva, Jeff Cameron, Mike Spanner (Big Max), Branch Lester

“There’s only one Branch Lester and in this hot film you will get to know all of him — intimately! Bruno Will — and he will, too, especially when Will Seagers is in the vicinity. The two champs get it on and it’s a draw!
Jeff Cameron runs his shipping department with an iron hand, but he’s a pushover when Eric Ryan and Nick cross paths…and bodies. When it’s all over, Big Mike finds himself with a handful of wet dreams!”

Age: Daddies/Men, Body Types: Beefy/Bodybuilders/Muscle Men, Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers, Body/Chest Hair: Natural/Unshaven, Cast’s Looks: Average Looking/Everyday, Cast’s Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome, Facial Hair: Five-O-Clock Shadow/Scruff, Facial Hair: Mustaches, Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven), Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks, Jerking Off/Masturbation/Solo (Some), No Condoms: Pre-Condom Era, Outdoor Sex.


File size: 533.8 MB

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