One in a Billion / Al Parker Production / 1984

Studio: Al Parker Production
Cast: Al Parker, Brad Mason, Dave Connors, Giorgio Canali, Glenn Steers, Jason Hill, Mike McDonald
Director: Al Parker
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1984
Runtime: 75 min
Country: US
Description: In his film debut, heavy balled and huge cocked Dave Connors plays a man who magically acquires the power to read other men’s thoughts and finds that they’re thinking about sex, which leads to some interesting situations. Dave acquires these powers when a coin he tosses it into the box owned by his neighborhood newspaper seller (Al Parker, in a cameo) lands on its side. Before the credits, Dave beats his huge meat, shaking his weighty nuts.

On the way to the office, Dave and another businessman, Glenn Steers, get it on in a glass elevator. Steers, with his own large boner, a hairy chest and great nipples, strips with Dave and shoves his tool up the big man’s ass.

At the office, Dave orders breakfast. It’s delivered by uncut and sexy Giorgio Canali, who decides to stay for his own kind of breakfast. Connors ends up plowing the man atop his desk in slow-paced thrusts that are captured from good angles. Connors does not seem to get all the way hard, but it doesn’t really matter since he’s so well-endowed. Canali, on the other hand, stays rock-hard his fuck and gets his toes and fingers sucked by his topman.

Connors then takes the day off and borrows a company van. At a car wash, he seduces a youthful worker, Jason Hill, and gets his meat swallowed as the van moves and passes through the wash. The finale features Dave at home in the tub, while two TV repairmen (Brad Mason and Mike McDonald) fix his television, also in the bathroom. They break into sex that includes the blond sucking both of their cocks, a lot of play with precum, a three-way sandwich fuck, and obvious interest in the action by all of the players.

Not as well-done as director Al Parker’s other works, but captures a lot of sexual heat. The film is, at times, a bit slow moving and the lighting is not the greatest in this collection of unlikely situations, but performances by Connors (and to see this monster meat alone) and Canali are good.


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